Horseracing in Japan – Tokyo City Keiba ᴴᴰ ● 大井競馬場

► After Baseball and Football, Horseracing is the third biggest thing in Japan with more than 21.000 horseraces held each year all over Japan.

A lot of people enjoys spending an entire day (and evening) at the racetrack, betting, eating and drinking, perhaps even taking a nap in between the numerous races.

Toko City Keiba (TCK) is located in Oimachi, Shinagawa, and TCK provides free shuttlebuses from Oimachi Station. There’s a fun and exciting atmosphere, admission fee is just 100Yen, as JRA (Japan Racing Association) makes most of their profit from bets.

Give it at try next time in Tokyo, it’s fuuuuun. – Enjoy!